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Aerospace & Rail

Advances in the aerospace and rail industries are evolving at Mach speed, and it can be a challenge to keep up. Working with our innovative polymer solutions can help you stay on the leading edge.

We can help you identify metal replacement opportunities in electrical, structural and cargo-moving components.

Need low-volume and prototype manufacturing capabilities? Our 3D printing capabilities in high temperature resin systems can help you fine-tune your designs efficiently and cost-effectively.


Transparencies & Canopies

With everything from helicopter bubbles to military aircraft canopies and more, our materials for overhead components have you covered.

Walls & Flooring

Mass transport walls and floors must support millions of hands and feet. With our solutions, your surfaces meet exacting safety requirements and look good doing it.

Cargo Containers

Metal isn’t the only solution for high strength anymore. Keep weight low and durability high with advanced composites.


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