Ag & Construction Equipment

Tough Materials For Tough Applications

In the harsh environments surrounding agricultural and construction equipment, durability and reliability are the name of the game. With PolyOne, you can create products that will weather the elements to keep the heartland harvesting and worksites working.

We can help you design and create lightweight, rust-proof, dent resistant panels and parts that improve design flexibility and reduce tooling and manufacturing costs. Create rugged, unique and seamlessly matched interior components. Enhance the design and durability of exterior parts and streamline manufacturing by replacing metal, painted components. And reduce weight and control costs of internal systems with our high-temperature, flame-resistant advanced polymer solutions.

From material selection to design, technical and field assistance, contact us to learn how we help with your heavy lifting.


Electrical & Lighting

Wire & Cable Jacketing & Shielding, Shielded Connectors, Shielded Enclosures, High Temperature Connectors

Internal Components

Air Intake Manifolds, Rocker Covers, Front-End Modules, Engine Covers, Fuel Systems


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